Euonymus scale crawlers

Euonymus scale adults and crawlers with cottony camellia scale ovisacs. Photo: S.D. Frank

Euonymus scale crawlers are emerging now in Raleigh, NC. I found them on this sad looking bush on campus. Notice from the pictures there is (at least) two kinds of scale on this plant. The adult female euonymus scales are grey and oyster shell shaped. The crawlers are small yellow spots covering the leaf. The other scale that you see is cottony camellia scale. They are currently in every stage except crawler. We found adults and nymphs on twigs, adults producing cottony ovisacs, and eggs. The crawlers will be active soon.

Back to euonymus scale, now is the time for control. We have found oil to be as effective as other insecticides when crawlers are active. However, neonicotinoids and insect growth regulators provide longer control. See our recent paper testing the efficacy of many products for euonymus scale control and their effects on natural enemies or our fact sheet.

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Steve Frank
I am broadly interested in the ecology and management of arthropod pests. Herbivorous arthropods cause extraordinary damage to plants in agricultural, urban, and natural ecosystems. Understanding interactions between pests and their environment, plant hosts, and natural enemies can improve management practices and reduce pesticide applications.