Azalea caterpillars hatching

Newly hatched azalea caterpillars. Notice white eggs on the leaves in the background. Photo: SD Frank

Yesterday I found the first azalea caterpillars of the year. These tiny caterpillars had just hatched from the white eggs you see in the background. You can scout for these bright eggs in August before the caterpillars hatch and remove them. I think these caterpillars are worth having though since they are very beautiful. Actually the caterpillars are prettier than azaleas tend to be this time of year and they will eat all the leaves stippled by lace bugs! You can read more about these caterpillars that feed on azaleas and blueberries in a post from last August.

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I am broadly interested in the ecology and management of arthropod pests. Herbivorous arthropods cause extraordinary damage to plants in agricultural, urban, and natural ecosystems. Understanding interactions between pests and their environment, plant hosts, and natural enemies can improve management practices and reduce pesticide applications.