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I will be in Eugene, Oregon for the next few months. Thanks so much to the great folks at University of Oregon Institute of Ecology and Evolution for hosting me and lending me office space. I’m particularly grateful to Nadia Singh, who just arrived here herself, for sharing her office with me (and the team of children they keep on staff to make signs). I give a seminar for the department October 3.

I have also been working in less formal offices, such as this spot in Hendricks Park, looking at trees, bees, and other things and trying to learn more about them. I will continue posting about pests, lab news, and cool (to me) tidbits about natural history and ecology. Stay tuned.

View from the office at Hendricks. Photo: Steve Frank

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Steve Frank
I am broadly interested in the ecology and management of arthropod pests. Herbivorous arthropods cause extraordinary damage to plants in agricultural, urban, and natural ecosystems. Understanding interactions between pests and their environment, plant hosts, and natural enemies can improve management practices and reduce pesticide applications.