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Managing pests on ornamental plants is difficult for many reasons. For one, there are hundreds of pest species on hundreds of plant species. It is impossible to identify them all and there is not enough research to recommend the best management tactics or pesticides for each one. In addition, new pests are arriving all the time for which there are no recommendations. Which pests are driving you crazy? Which pests are most damaging in your production facility or landscape? Scales? Flea beetles? How about European pepper moth?

European pepper moth is a growing problem in nurseries and greenhouses throughout NC and other Southeastern states. Photo: SD Frank

One entity that sponsors insecticide efficacy research is the USDA IR-4 program. Their goal is to document efficacy to expand labels and help register new products for ornamental plants. Please fill out their survey to help steer their priorities. The survey also provides valuable data that can be used to obtain funding and steer extension programs. It just takes a minute. The IR-4 website has lots of other great information too.

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Steve Frank
I am broadly interested in the ecology and management of arthropod pests. Herbivorous arthropods cause extraordinary damage to plants in agricultural, urban, and natural ecosystems. Understanding interactions between pests and their environment, plant hosts, and natural enemies can improve management practices and reduce pesticide applications.