My extension program focuses on managing arthropod pests in the production and maintenance of ornamental plants in greenhouses, nurseries, and urban landscapes.

Ornamental plants are the most valuable crop in North Carolina and the second most valuable crop in the US. My extension program provides research-based information to ornamental plant producers to make their pest management practices more effective, economical, and environmentally sound.

Urban forests and other landscape plants provide many environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits to people and wildlife. A second focus of my extension program is to provide information to landscapers, aborists, and urban foresters that will help improve pest management efficacy and sustainability in urban landscapes.

We produce diverse extension resources including print and web publications, articles in trade magazines, and pest alerts via Twitter.


Workshops & Conferences

Conferences that I organize or co-organize.


Management Guides & Fact Sheets

A collection of multimedia resources on the biology and management of arthropod pests.


Industry Publications

Articles written for nursery and landscape publications.



Short videos showing pests and management practices produced by the Frank Lab.



Useful links to extension content relevant to arthropods in NC that was produced elsewhere.


Popular Press

Articles written for a broader public audience.