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Healthy Trees Healthy People Consortium

Photo: Paul Krueger, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons.

Trees and other plants cool urban spaces and reduce pollutant concentrations, but only if they are abundant and healthy. Unfortunately, heat and pollution can decrease the ecosystem services provided by urban trees due to physiological stress and pests.

Around the world, urban populations of people are increasing but urban tree cover is decreasing. Our goal is to initiate multidisciplinary interactions that focus on sustaining human and environmental health in cities and generate a proposal for a formal working group at SESYNC or similar organization.

If you work in any aspects of human health, geography, tree/plant physiology, global change, social work, psychology, epidemiology, urban planning, landscape architecture, natural resource management, modeling, green infrastructure, or another related field, we would love to have you.

Attendance is free of charge and lunch will be provided to consortium participants.

Please contact the workshop organizers to participate:

    Nora Lahr
    (406) 529-5062

    Steve Frank

    Rob Dunn