Recommended Links

Gardening Resources

    • Regional planting guidesNorth American Pollinator Protection Campaign.  Search by zipcode to find the right guide for your location.
    • Nesting in the gardenUtah State University. Advice on landscaping and gardening practices to support native bee nesting habitat. This Utah-based guide is also relevant for NC.
    • Bee hotel guideUniversity of Minnesota. Detailed guide to providing “bee hotels” for cavity-nesting bees. This Minnesota-based guide is also relevant for NC.

Bee Identification and Observation Resources

    • Bee Observer Cards – Image rich guide to bee anatomy, lifestyles, nesting habits, life cycles, associations, and collection techniques
    • – If you have specimens, a microscope, and patience–this site provides fairly technical but user-friendly keys to bee species (and many other life forms, too). Click on the bee icon above the search box.
    • Bee Basics – This PDF book, produced by the USDA Forest Service and the Pollinator Partnership, provides a beautifully illustrated primer on the biology of native bees in the United States.

Citizen Science Projects About Bees