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Pollinator Outreach

April Hamblin teaches a group of elementary school students about bee-pollinated foods.

Our core outreach team includes members of the NC State Entomology and Applied Ecology Departments. We conduct research on native bees (and other insects), particularly in cities.

We have offered two workshops on gardening for pollinators and have presented at more than 30 community events for children and adults since 2014. Our workshops have been held at the JC Raulston Arboretum and the NC Botanical Garden, and examples of community events include Pollinator Day in Pittsboro and La Fiesta del Pueblo in Raleigh.

If you are planning an event or meeting in the Triangle area of NC and are interested in having a lecture, booth, or activity focused on native bees, please contact us at native_bees@ncsu.edu.

Although we are not generally able to travel beyond the Triangle area for events, we are working to share information more widely by developing resources for Extension Master Gardeners and County Agents all over the state.

Our Outreach Resources

Our outreach team has a great collection of resources at our disposal, including specimens, games, handouts, and other educational materials. These are items that are typically included in our pollinator outreach events.

Bee Matching Game

Participants match pollinators to the fruit they pollinate.

Specimen Box

Real pinned specimens of North Carolina’s native bees

Take-home Bee Hotel Kits

Everything needed to make bamboo bee hotels for cavity nesting bees in yards and gardens. Materials costs may apply.

Resin Block Bee Specimens

Get an up-close look at native pollinators enclosed in clear resin blocks.

Pollinator Trading Cards

Collectible cards with beautiful photos and facts about native pollinators. Available in English and Spanish.


We have developed handouts about gardening for pollinators and creating pollinator habitat with bee condos.

Outreach Events

Outreach event at Whole Foods. Photo: Tammy Karant.

We have lots of outreach events at various types of venues throughout the year. Check out our outreach calendar to see them. Contact us if you are interested in scheduling an event or exhibit with the outreach team.