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Resources for Protecting Pollinators

For Homeowners and Gardeners

Gardening for Pollinators Guide

A quick guide to pollinator-friendly plant species, where to get them, and tips for growing them.

Download Guide
Cavity Nesting Guide

A quick guide to making and placing homes for cavity-nesting bees.

Download Guide
Successful Cavity Nest Guide

Additional tips for creating a successful bee hotel.

Download Guide
Gardening for Bees Brochure

Brochure with pollinator facts and tips for creating pollinator habitat and homes. Prepared by Margarita López-Uribe.

Download Brochure

For County Extension and Master Gardeners

Make Your Own Bee-Matching Game

This PDF includes the design and answer key to create and use the bee-matching game at your own events.

Download Bee-Matching Game Plans
Garden Signs

PDFs of some 11” x 17” signs we have used to highlight bee habitat in demonstration gardens.

Download Garden Signs
Information for Recipients of Specimen Boxes

Coming soon! Details and talking points for County Extension Centers that receive bee specimen displays in summer 2016.

Powerpoint Slides on Native Bees

Downloadable slides for County Extension educators and volunteers to use in their own presentations.
Slide set 1 emphasizes bee biology and diversity.
Slide set 2, part A and part B, covers gardening for pollinators. (This slide set is divided into two downloads due to large file size. Be sure to get both parts!)

Native Bee Webinar

Recording of webinar on North Carolina native bee biology, diversity, and outreach resources, presented by Elsa Youngsteadt and Debbie Roos on June 30, 2016. If the link takes you to a login page, you can simply enter “guest” or your name to continue. Most users will then select “Video (MP4) Format” rather than “Blackboard Collaborate Format.”