The Frank Lab


Steve Frank

Associate Professor & Extension Specialist
I am broadly interested in the ecology and management of arthropod pests.

Postdoctoral Researchers


Michael Just

Post Doctoral Associate
I am an applied ecologist and am generally interested in disturbance ecology. I am currently working on projects related to urban trees.


Nora Lahr

Post Doctoral Associate
I study tree ecology and physiology, from street trees to natural forests.

Graduate Students


Kristi Backe

Graduate Student
I am interested in urban ecology and am studying relationships between street tree diversity and the makeup of arthropod communities in trees.


Samantha Kaiser

Graduate Student
I am researching how insect diversity is impacted by the design and plant selection in bioswales.


Larry Long

Graduate Student
I research how feral forest fragments mitigate the effects of urbanization on trees and their pests.


Christina Mitchell

Graduate Student
I research how forest ecology is affected by increasing levels of urbanization and how that may change across a latitudinal gradient.


Sarah Parsons

Graduate Student
My research explores how to manage pests on city trees through sustainable landscape design.

Undergraduate Students


Kelly Harris

Undergraduate Researcher
I am interested in applying concepts of ecology and environmental engineering to promote biodiversity and ecosystem functions in urban areas.

Research and Support Staff


Annemarie Nagle

Lab Manager
I manage the Frank Lab website and laboratories. I also assist with research and the creation of outreach and extension materials.


Elsa Youngsteadt

Research Associate
As an insect ecologist, I am interested in plant-insect interactions and their responses to human modified environments.