Workshops and Conferences 2020-04-20T09:41:01-04:00

Workshops and Conferences

Healthy Trees Healthy People Consortium


A day-long workshop to initiate collaboration and conversation among people interested in green infrastructure and human and environmental health and how to sustain these in a changing world.

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Ornamental Workshop on Diseases and Insects

2020 – Postponed until further notice

A forum for plant pathologists and entomologists to discuss current disease and insect problems facing those concerned with the production, maintenance and regulation of ornamental crops. Workshop sessions and lodging are at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC.

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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Landscapes Conference


A conference that pulls together academic researchers and experts from the nursery, landscape, and greenhouse industries to discuss threats to and protection strategies for pollinators in urban landscapes and gardens.

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